Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Handmade Heaven

I have had a blast over the past few months makinghomemade gifts for friends. Below, are pics of a jar designed as a timer for time out with kiddos (lime green). Jess has been using hers to help the kiddos get ready on time in the mornings. I gave several tea bag wreaths away this season, as well. My favorite gift this year was to one of my co-workers addicted to the Twilight series. She didn't think Edward's ashes were too funny (but, I did). If you haven't read the series or seen the movies, Edward sparkles when seen in daylight. I also stole an idea from a friend and have been cranking out crocheted throws (thanks Su).
I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest and will try to do a better job of giving the original creators credit in 2012. Check back often, my new goal for 2012 is to complete a craft once a week for the entire year. I am also attempting to use only the supplies in my craft room at home. It is time to craft! Note: I reserve the right to take a craft break during the summer camp season!


Viktor and Kristen said...

Please tell me more about that green stuff...looks very interesting. I love the tea wreath, too. Thought about making one back in Dec. I wish you were around to do some fun crafting. :)

Courtney said...

I laughed so I hard I snorted about Edward's ashes. I'm going to have to make this for someone...I have a few friends obsessed with these movies.