Monday, February 6, 2012

More Crocheting

Baby Jaydon ETA=March

Baby Barbaree is due in March. I have been working on room decor and more. So excited to meet him in March.

Happy V-Day

Thanks Su for the crocheting lesson. I am enjoying the stress relief from crocheting. This one is on its way to Kentucky for V-Day. Keep it a secret KR.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Santa's Helper

I bought a few santa suits at Family Dollar. I jazzed them up for all of the Davidson dogs for Christmas day. We have 5 dogs in the family now and we missed seeing cousin Sookie this Christmas, but plan to visit her soon. The pictures include Stiletto and Quigley (Natalie's dogs), April (Grandpa and Grandma's dog), and Hank (Dad and Mom's dog). It was definitely a zoo, but the puppy, Hank, actually calmed down inhis little elf suit. Therefore, Hank wore his outfit a lot during the day.

Handmade Heaven

I have had a blast over the past few months makinghomemade gifts for friends. Below, are pics of a jar designed as a timer for time out with kiddos (lime green). Jess has been using hers to help the kiddos get ready on time in the mornings. I gave several tea bag wreaths away this season, as well. My favorite gift this year was to one of my co-workers addicted to the Twilight series. She didn't think Edward's ashes were too funny (but, I did). If you haven't read the series or seen the movies, Edward sparkles when seen in daylight. I also stole an idea from a friend and have been cranking out crocheted throws (thanks Su).
I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest and will try to do a better job of giving the original creators credit in 2012. Check back often, my new goal for 2012 is to complete a craft once a week for the entire year. I am also attempting to use only the supplies in my craft room at home. It is time to craft! Note: I reserve the right to take a craft break during the summer camp season!

Suit-able for Dogs?

Quigley loves the new suitcase I bought for her and Stella. The bummer is she no longer snuggles on the couch:(

Christmas Time

I had a blast working on Christmas decorations this year. It was fun to have the family stop by for Christmas Eve.