Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The bluebonnets in central Texas were beautiful on my March trip. Many of the best batches were along the busiest highways. Sorry the pics are from inside the car. Hopefully you can catch a glimpse of the blue blanket the flowers form.

Memories and Meridian, TX

In March, I took a trip to Texas to recruit for Asbury. I drove through Meridian on my way to Baylor and Texas A&M. Below, are pics of the first church I served, my first garage apartment, and my first house. The garage apartment was next to the slaughter house and I can remember saying goodbye to the animals each morning as I got in the car to commute to school. The cute piggies would be gone upon my return. These were some of the most formative years of my life. Lifelong memories and friends were made in Meridian.

Sisters, Sisters

Never were there such devoted sisters! I actually caught a shot of them sleeping side by side. It was short lived.

Spring Has Sprung

Study Break as Spring Arrives

The end of the semester is near, but I thought I would take a break to update my blog. Spring is finally moving into Kentucky. The winter was rough, but it always seems worth it when the blooms arrive.