Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Memories and Meridian, TX

In March, I took a trip to Texas to recruit for Asbury. I drove through Meridian on my way to Baylor and Texas A&M. Below, are pics of the first church I served, my first garage apartment, and my first house. The garage apartment was next to the slaughter house and I can remember saying goodbye to the animals each morning as I got in the car to commute to school. The cute piggies would be gone upon my return. These were some of the most formative years of my life. Lifelong memories and friends were made in Meridian.


Courtney said...

Are those red rooftops on the court house new? I don't remember those!

Your house was WAY cuter when you lived there!

chelsea said...

They refurbished the courthouse to it's original design (like in the all of George Hallmark's old paintings)----so they weren't there when we lived there.

Ahhh....Meridian those were some of my most favorite years too.

Brian & Melanie Johnson said...

Melanie lived in a garage house just like that when she was a youth & children's minister. Funny.