Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching up for Lost Time

Blog, blog, blog. . . I know most bloggers would consider my blogging, but pictures sometimes speak a thousand words. Whoa, where did those words come from? Enjoy!

God's Wonders

How can something so beautiful, be so deadly? Notice the last picture! My mom kept telling me to go out and get firewood. She's so Texan! Ice+tall tree=hurt head!

Mission Accomplished (for now)

Room Makeover take three! I think I am CLOSE to being done with this one (I have some trim work left to finish). My mom and dad will have a nice place to stay on their next visit. Won't they be surprised when they don't even have to share a room with the cat and cat box!

What to do?

So . . . what do you do when you're trapped inside for several days? You do a room makeover! I have been working on this upstairs room in my house for months. I finally feel like I'm making some progress. Check out these before pictures.

A little bit warmer!

The chill is still in the air, but the ice is slowly giving way! People are still dealing with major chaos, but happy to be ALIVE!