Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Addition to the Davidsons

Greetings Friends! Sorry it has been awhile since a post. I will have new house pics up soon and news about the new camp job. I am getting settled in and love the new job.

I have been considering getting Stilletto a companion for her long days playing in the yard. The vet called my dad about some possible dogs for my grandparents and I ended up going to see the dogs. I ended up getting a puppy and my grandparents ended up getting her older sister the next day.

The new addition is very shy, but slowly warming up to her new sisters. Oedipus is open, but hesitant as well. Enjoy the pics and I hope to get some others up soon. I named the puppy Quigley because she is from Down Under. She is a toy Australian Shepherd. Her maximum height will be 12 inches and 20 pounds max. She is small for a toy too! She has one blue eye and one brown eye (her brown eye looks scary in the pics, but she is more than adorable in real life)!

Quigley is also getting settled into the family and I'll post some pics of all the kids soon. Who thought I would love dogs so much? Good work Julianne and Zoe!

Have a great Christmas and come back soon to see pics of the camp and house. I love you all!


Brian and Melanie said...

Make me miss the days I could just play in the yard all day. Boo work. She looks like a fun dog, and that is coming from a guy who does not like dogs. Merry Christmas

Courtney said...

How cute!