Friday, April 25, 2008

Oedipus Highlights

I have been getting a lot of junk from friends about Oedipus' lack of exposure on my blog. If you know Oed, you know why she doesn't get much air time. She's a tad bit snooty and hard to catch on film. Here is the best pic to date (I don't want to hear about how Stiletto made the shot too).

Oedipus has been on a diet recently. Believe it or not . . . she is a senior cat. Oed is going on 12-13 years old. WOW! It is strange how she ages, but I do not! HA! She has lost a ton of weight and is feeling young again. She put the smack down on Stiletto twice today. She rocks!

When the cat vet calls to weigh Oedipus she calls her Odipolis. So now I call Oed Odipolis from time to time so she won't be confused when we make a visit to the cat vet.

Notice I say "cat" vet. Stiletto goes to the "dog" vet. The cat vet is kind and is in Wilmore. The dog vet is in Nicholasville, but is open 24 hours. The dog vet loves Stiletto and comes in to see her everytime we go. Even if it's regular shots given by a technician, the dog vet sticks her head in to see Stiletto.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

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